How to overcome the fear of flying: Time to make flying fun again

courses for anxious flyers
One to one coachingCorporate workshops

Learn how to cope and manage with the stress of flying

During one-to-one or group coaching, you will learn how to manage your mind in a stressful situation, and how to become more relaxed and how to overcome the fear of flying.

Experience behind the driving seat

Rick has had 45 years’ experience as a pilot, meaning he truly knows what it feels like to be in the seat of a plane. He also has a diploma in clinical and pastoral counselling skills, so he will understand how you feel.

Practice together

Rick will be there to hold your hand throughout the experiences, to ensure you are feeling calm, collected, and truly understand how to use the skills you have learned together in a real-life experience of flying. This will only be done when you feel you are ready.

Making it fun to fly

Flying will take you to so many wonderful and fun places, once you are feeling more comfortable and calm about the journey. So, once you have successfully been through a course with Rick, you not only will feel more at ease getting on a plane, but you will be able to enjoy those holidays you deserve.

Get in touch

If you feel anxious when you are due to get on a flight, or would like to have more confidence when flying, please do get in touch.