Flying is very much part of modern life, both for family holidays and for work.
It is estimated that at least 16% of passengers feel some level of anxiety.

Not wishing to fly can affect your home life, your job prospects and leave you emotionally drained.
With me you will work to overcome this anxiety.
My fear of flying help courses are designed to identify the specific areas that give rise to your anxiety.
Working together I will help you understand why you experience these feelings and help you develop strategies to cope with them.
You are assured of personal attention and complete confidentiality.
Through my one to one approach all your questions can be answered, all your fears addressed and without any fear of embarrassment. Our time together is focused on those areas of concern to you and therefore be of best effect.

All costings are based on sessions in a quiet place with no distractions and phones off. This can be anywhere that fits these requirements. There is no charge for me to travel from my base if within 15 miles. Outside that mileage there is a charge of 45p per mile.

Lite:– Tailored to those who are beginning to feel anxiety when flying. This is a 90 minute session and will be your opportunity to find answers to these concerns. £75

One to One or Two to One:– 2 x 2 hour talking sessions, spaced about 2 weeks apart.

I will take you through the way your mind works (the emotional side) and the way aircraft work (the science side). I will introduce you to strategies to help you manage your anxiety.

Email support is given through your next 2 flights.

A copy of my booklet “Making flying fun again” Workbook and diary to monitor your progress

10ml bottle of aromatherapy oil to help anxiety

Ready reference card of a relaxation strategy

Guidance of where to download the relaxation app

Audio file download to help relaxation
One to One:- £350

Two to One:- £450

Additional one hour sessions:- £60

Go flying together:- The next step is to go flying, to put into practice all you have learned. This takes a day and will involve a domestic flight on British Airways where we will work together through the whole experience starting from booking the tickets through to a review on our return.
One to One:- £1,000 Two to One:- £1,500